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Barbituric acid
  Chemical name: Malonylurea
Molecular weight: 128.09
CAS: 67-52-7...........................
  Chemical Name: 2-Amino-6-Chloropurine
Molecular Weight: 169.58 ...
About us

Founded in 1997, Zhengzhou Lifeng Chemical Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of the fine chemicals of pharmaceutical intermediates. We have been certified to State-level ISO9001:2008 of quality system and ISO14001:2004 of environmental system.
Located at Hulaoguan (namely Sishuiguan) of Sishui, Xingyang, a famous ancient battlefield of the three-kingdom period, our plant covers an area of 12,000m2, including the floor space of 5,000m2. We are surrounded by beautiful environments and enjoy an advantageous location. We are areaccessible to Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, and Luoyang, ancient capital of the Nine Dynasties, to the east and the west respectively. Moreover we are close to the Yellow River to the north, and lies by Shaolin Temple at Songshan Hill to the south. Longhai Railway and Zhengzhou-Kaifeng-Luoyang Expressway run through the town area transversely, thus we enjoying very convenient transportation facilities.
Our enterprise has adhered to the strategy of " make the plant Preposterouson Science and Technology". We have striven for an improvement of comprehensive quality of the employees by means of energetic introduction of talents and strengthening of employee training as a double goal for years. Only 60 workers and staffs now available in our plant include 28 various technicians. Such a team with remarkable spirit look and technical quality has displayed outstanding adaptability to changes in fierce market competition.
Strict scientific management system ensures the quality of our products and favorable services and supreme prestige attracts the trust of the clients both at home and abroad. Several chemical products such as of barbituric acid with the annual output of 2,000 tons and the like are favored domestically and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and the like.


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Add: SiShui Town, Xingyang city, Henan, China Legal person: Wang Guie Running Plant director: Chen Guangjin +86-13703820881
Tel: +86-371-64899869 Fax: +86-371-64892676
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